An Intimate Conversation

between Kaisa, Morag, and Stephanie

With Barb Kellogg

We talked with ICMPhotoMag Network member Barb Kellogg for an intimate conversation about how we met and began our collaboration together to grow and expand the ICMPhotoMag project, from the initial magazine, to offering deeply immersive workshops, to building this continuous learning community.

We hope you will enjoy learning more about how we came together and why we are each so passionate about the work we do for the ICM community as a whole.  In this video, we get quite personal, and even emotional, about how we feel about each other and about the members we serve across all aspects of the ICMPhotoMag group of projects.

We are tremendously grateful to Barb for the time she spent with us to put this all together in the form of not just this video, but also for her own personal blog.  Barb reached out to us to say she wanted to do something to help get the word out about the ICMPhotoMag Network and to share the inspiration she herself has enjoyed as a member of this community, and we owe her a debt of gratitude for this!

Read Barb’s beautifully written Blog post article here:

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Come Grow with Us!

If this video inspires you to be a part of this nurturing, encouraging, collaborative community, we would love for you to join our growing ICM family as a member of the ICMPhotoMag Network.  We look forward to being a part of your creative journey!

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