Below is an abridged sample of the theme presentation we gave in August 2021, for the Urban/Architecture theme we offered for members to use as inspiration for creating new ICM work and making connections to seeing things differently.

We hold Live Zoom sessions the first weekend (one live session on Saturday for the North America/Europe/South Africa time zones, and one live session on Sunday for the Australia/New Zealand/Far East time zones) where we give a presentation to talk about the new bi-monthly theme, offer some guidance on how to work with the theme, and answer any questions members may have.

The live sessions are always recorded and are continuously available for members to watch at any time.

The presentations themselves are also always made available as PDF downloads.

In addition to the live theme sessions, each bi-monthly period, we provide a multitude of content over the two-month period for members to be inspired by, to learn from, and to benefit from in a meaningful way.

Please note that this page does not contain the full theme presentation or the recorded video, and the links to any downloads are not active.

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August Live Theme Session

Watch the Live Theme Session playback video below. 
This recording is a combination of the two sessions – it includes all of the Session 1 presentation and Q&A, as well as the Session 2 Q&A portion.  Since the presentation is essentially the same for both sessions, the idea is not to repeat the presentation, but to offer one recorded presentation portion and the two Q&A portions combined in one video.
You may also download the Live Theme Session Presentation as a PDF for your personal use.

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