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$250 Per Year

  • Receive 30% Off What You’d Pay Monthly over 12 Months
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ICMPhotoMag Network is a community of like-minded photographers in a continuous learning environment that provides more education, creative inspiration, mentoring, thoughtful feedback, and encouragement than social media offers…all in a safe and welcoming environment.

One of the main values of this community is in the members’ only content, live sessions, mentoring, inspiration, and encouragement, as well as community interaction in a focused environment of like-minded creatives.  There are plenty of feedback opportunities, however, the intention of this community is not only meant to be specifically feedback-driven or feedback-intensive.  A large part of the value comes more from the tools we provide to help you discover your own unique path to creativity and self-expression through ICM photography, in a friendly, nurturing, co-learning environment.

At the heart of the ICMPhotoMag Network is a community where creative photographers learn, grow, explore, interact, and have fun.  We hope you will enjoy growing with us.

PLEASE NOTE:  All annual membership subscriptions are set to automatically renew at the end of the subscription period.  If you do not wish to remain a member at the end of your subscription period, you must cancel prior to the renewal date to prevent being charged againPlease be sure to read the Terms and Conditions to understand the automatic renewals and the cancellation policy.

The magazine is NOT INCLUDED as part of the Network membership.  The ICMPhotoMag Network membership subscription and the ICM Photography Magazine subscription are two completely separate subscriptions.  Magazine subscriptions must be purchased separately.