Pricing Structure

Take your ICM photography, creativity, and artistry to the next level by joining us in this exciting new membership community dedicated to ICM photographers who have a desire to learn, grow, and evolve along their ICM and creative journey.

Standard Annual Price

$ 200
Per Year
  • Receive 2 Months Off What You'd Pay Monthly for a Year
  • Recurring Annual Payment until You Cancel Your Membership
  • Price in US Dollars or Equivalent for All Other Denominations

Standard Monthly Rate

$ 20
Per Month
  • Recurring Monthly Payment until Cancelled
  • Please Note - the Best Value is with the Annual Plan
  • Price in US Dollars or Equivalent for All Other Denominations

ICMPhotoMag Network
Continuous Learning Community

  • A Stand-Alone Learning Community for ICM Photographers Around the World
  • 3 Leading ICM Photographers as Leaders of the Membership Community
  • Monthly Live Zoom Sessions
  • Monthly Themes, Concepts, and Ideas to Help You Grow with Your ICM Photography
  • Additional Content Each Month - Videos, Articles, Podcasts, Guest Photographers, and More
  • Practical Application Tips, Prompts, Tutorials to Help You Grow...Technically and Creatively
  • Live Q&A Sessions
  • A Deeper Dive into Your ICM Image Making to Enhance Your Creativity and Develop Your Artistic Vision
  • A Collaborative, Encouraging, Learning Community of Like-Minded Photographers
  • Encouragement and Nurturing to Think More Conceptually about Your ICM Photography

ICMPhotoMag Network Community Leaders

Stephanie Johnson
Kaisa Sirén
Morag Paterson

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